Credits Entertainment

Embarrassing Bodies - ITV

Come Dine With Me - CH 4

Robbie Coltrane’s B Road Britain - ITV

Lily Allen and Friends CH 4 Studio Assistant


Ainsley's BBQ Bible - BBC2

Ainsley's Big Cook Out - BBC2

Ainsley's Gourmet Express - BBC2

Fresh Food - BBC2

Sophie Grigson's Feast For a Fiver -BBC2

Top Gear - BBC2

Stars in Fast Cars -BBC3 Sound Supervisor

Panic Mechanics - BBC2

Fifth Gear - Channel 5

Jeremy Clarkson's Car Years - BBC2

The Cars the Star - BBC2

SAS Desert: Are You Tough Enough - BBC2

SAS Jungle: Are You Tough Enough - BBC2

Hunting Chris Ryan Siberia / Botswana - BBC2

The Bachelor Series I, II & III - BBC3 Sound Supervisor

Trips Money Can't Buy With Ewan McGregor - BBC2

Scrapheap Challenge - CH 4

Bargain Hunt - BBC1

Clothes Show - BBC1

Tracks - BBC2